The Stories We Live

I wore my heeled ankle boots and kept lifting one foot or the other so that I would regain circulation to the soles of my feet. His hair hung in grimy stripes across his forehead, accentuating a receding hairline that doesn’t actually exist. As always, there was a strange sort of detachment and nervousness that hung directly under his skin.

He paid for his food before me in line. He nervously tore open his wallet to grab some money. A blue strip of paper fell out and landed in front of him. My eyes glanced down.

Theresa 710 -….

I moved my eyes up. A bitter and sad knife-like feeling swept across my body. I tilted my head up and coughed a laugh to myself.  

After he finished a cigarette I suggest we walk around, realizing only when I stood up what shoes I was wearing. As we started around the campus, I had a thought flit across my mind.

“Have you ever heard the real version of Little Mermaid?”
“No, the Hans Christian Anderson version.”

I returned to silence. His head turned to me.

“It looked like you had a thought with that.”

I sighed and started, “To walk, the sea witch gives her a potion that will give her legs. The side effect is that every step on land will feel like a thousand knives shooting through her legs. She even dances with him even though she knows she will be in pain.”

She also loses her voice for him, but I didn’t mention that.


“I feel a bit like that with my shoes.”

He laughs, but doesn’t understand.


8 Responses to The Stories We Live

  1. strangerandstranger says:

    Hans CHristian ANderson aye?

  2. The Rebuker says:

    “His hair hung in grimy stripes across his forehead, accentuating a receding hairline that doesn’t actually exist.”

    Such spare and rich imagery. Oy! Why aren’t you writing more fiction [or creative non-fiction?(or is a blog really just like serialized creative non-fiction?)]? Anyway, you should avoid greasy-haired men. Seriously, people who can’t take basic care of their head can’t be expected to maintain functional relationships.

  3. firewings says:

    My life is better than fiction most times.

    That and my muse only works on non-fiction it seems.

  4. Derek says:

    Didn’t your mother ever tell you that you can’t be subtle with men?

  5. firewings says:

    @D: Nope, was never told that.

    @Rebuker: I was thrown off by the fact that his name isn’t Vic and isn’t showing a little chest hair spillage from his shirt with large gold chains. The stereotypes are what I look for so that I can UNDERSTAND.

    You know what I hate though, catching damn typos. HATE. This is a blog post in itself. I must, I must, I must increase my…ability to self edit.

    I like the size of my bust.

  6. Not Important says:

    The name on the paper is for the person from Student Loans. That was the contact and the number to call to get that fiasco sorted out.

    I like how I have grimy hair too. Nice.

  7. firewings says:

    Why hello there HWSNBN. Mystery solved! I’m sorry the mystery didn’t end better for you. Just something I’ll have to get used to. Oats and all.

  8. thebutton says:

    I have the Japanese animated Hans Christian Anderson version of The Little Mermaid. I always loved it more than the Disney version.

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