That Person

I now have a morning routine of unloading my lunch, drinks, and snacks into the break room at work. The break room over the last year has gone over quite an overhaul thanks to me being restless. In a fit of tedium, I reorganized and slowly it started becoming more homey. Back when I started at the Archives, it was dingy. The place where old archival boxes went to die. I remember that an old boss had endevoured to have pizza for the students which ended up having ten people shoved into this box of a room, silently munching pizza and staring at the floor.

You have to understand that many people in Archives, especially students, are quiet, introverted People. We’re worked hard to change this. Well, others have.

I bent down to our itty, bitty refrigerator to throw in my sandwich and drink into my claimed area of the door. [Okay, the whole door.] I had a fridge like this when I moved out to college, but then it seemed huge, because, hot damn I had a fridge, and who has fridges – independent folks. My day had come! 

As I’m putting in my Coke Zero [How I missed thee.], I saw again the salad cup on the door. I didn’t remember buying salad in a cup. How did that get there? I quickly calculated that I saw it last week too and was going to make the arbitrary decision to throw it out.

I’m one of those people.

I grabbed the cup and I pulled it out…Is it a salad in a cup after all?  No… It’s half pineapple, half…decidedly not pineapple. Aww, it’s fuzzy – WAIT. WHAT?

I enjoy fruit cups that the University makes. Easy, if a bit pricey. My abiding antipathy toward pineapples remains. These remains turned into my pet biology project.

I realized I’m not only one of those people, but now That Person. One that will be whispered about. The one leaving the scary leftover food.

“Is that a new organic lunch in there?”
“No, that’s her three week old pizza. He’s quite friendly though.”


4 Responses to That Person

  1. The Rebuker says:

    As of earlier this week I still had a half-drunk, six-month-old carton of soymilk in the main library breakroom fridge. On principle (the principle of laziness) I’m not throwing it away.

  2. strangerandstranger says:

    So is there a club for you people or is it just independent membership.

  3. KalliePigeon says:

    Here I thought we were referring to “That Person” who had a childhood crush on Mr. Spock. Then I realized that, with two of us, said moniker could never be singular.

    The horses and I missed you today. Hope you can join us again soon.

  4. firewings says:

    Our motto is “Laziness and Procrastination…and a touch of sheepish Fraternity.” Membership is earned and not awarded.

    We’ll get around to making the membership cards at some point.

    @KalliePigeon – Give the amount of latex Vulcan ears that are for sale over the expanse of the Internet, I think our childhood experience is far, far from singular.

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