Feast with a dash of mustard.

Who was the last person you hugged?

J just left for band practice and I didn’t hug him because I’m feeling mentally tart. Which means now I’ll worry that that was the last time I see him and I didn’t get to hug him. Damn you quiz.

Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us.

Oooh, let’s see…Given that my makeup routine in the morning is what my father lovingly referred to as “pit juice” and lip balm, I’m afraid no tips from me are a better idea.

What does the color yellow make you think of?

The last time I saw a really vibrant form of yellow was yesterday as I was sitting outside during class on a bench conducting an interview. I felt a drop of water on my hand and my head and cautiously went to touch my head and review the color of my hand. It was clear. I looked up though and saw and nice, big pigeon sitting too close for comfort though. It was the leaves that were a shock of yellow against the blue sky.

Main Course
If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around?

My first thought to that question was that I recalled that Spock actually now does nude photography of nekkid obese women. I then immediately wondered if the photography niche of taking pictures of nekkid Vulcans is already taken. I bet it is. I bet they’re all in Finland. It’s a hunch.

What was the longest book you ever read?

Atlas Shrugged was damn long. And Dumbledore dies.


4 Responses to Feast with a dash of mustard.

  1. Yen says:

    Thanks for a nice feast! Great reads here:)

  2. laane says:

    Great feast!!

    You can find my feast at:

    Laane on the World

    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. snpnmnmi says:

    Loved your dessert. Happy Leap day!

  4. The Rebuker says:

    Wow, that Leonard Nimoy! What a . . . vision?

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