Free, but not yet coherent.

It’s blissful the lack of homework. I get up, I work, I go home – and then… I do what pleases me. Not to say that’s been a whole lot in the last two weeks.

And my Sundays…how I’ve longed for Sundays. Sundays were habitual my days when during the sunlight hours I would wave my hand in the general direction of the homework and when the night came you’d find me stomping my feet into my room to do whatever busy work needed to be done. [Busy work including 10 page papers due the following days and literature reviews. *cough*]

And no homework.


As it should be.

My have I loathed school for the last two years.

The beginning of last week still had my body chasing out the remnants of the adrenaline of the last couple of weeks. When your mother votes in favor of the shot Jager in a debate for one clutching one’s sanity, you know that you’re just damn stressed out. Everything had been coming to a head. It wasn’t just one thing – it’s was everything and once and then a little individual mental drama as a garnish. So not only was there a distinct loss of qualitative productivity, there was a sure-footed haze of KraZie.

I don’t generally mind The Crazy. (Ex-boyfriends will decidedly not agree.) I feel that it is, while for me a state of hazing, something that provokes some sort of change. It tends to leave me mentally volatile for sure, but I still think I’ll be able to cull some sort of change out of the feeling of instability. I look forward to it. Baby steps.


5 Responses to Free, but not yet coherent.

  1. K says:

    No homework, and yet the student loan repayments will be coming in faster than panties dropping on prom night.

    Free! Homework free …. it’s totally worth it though 🙂 Congrats again …

  2. a lee says:

    I’m still just totally amazed that you got a Master’s Degree in only four weeks. That’s crazy. 😉

  3. eatsbugs says:

    Crazy is good. It goes well with your eyes and hair. Granted, it is done, and I’m sure the crazy will pass, slowly. Either way…you’ve gotta maintain your mystique.

  4. thebutton says:

    I’m proud of ya! Welcome to the life of job hunting and no homework. 🙂

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