Through the Flowers

To block the TV for a moment, I leaned my torso over his hips and rested my weight on my left arm. He was slumped down; his feet placed on the table behind me. The commercials blared.

“So there was this scene in the movie,” he started, becoming more animated. I shifted back onto my legs, watching him. “This guy in the movie is being chased by these guys and he breaks up with his girlfriend, but after he comes close to getting killed,” he paused, “You know what the movie is about, right?”

I nod. He continues, “So he calls her up and says, ‘Hey, look, you’re the light of my life and we’re meant to be together and I’ve made a mistake.’” He begins to laugh and I can feel something harden inside me. “So then he’s like, talking to her and telling her this and she says, ‘Let’s get married.’” His laughter bursts out louder, “And he’s like, whoa, uh, well, no and um, that’s such a mistake and tells the girl, ‘Oh there are better things out there for you and you know I’m such a dumbass anyhow.’”

I chuckle, then pull my hand into a fist and mimic stabbing myself in the heart, letting out a low grunt. I mimic twisting the knife. His laughter slows and becomes nervous and apologetic. After a moment, he says, “Yeah… I know, but it’s still funny.” He shifts his eyes back to the TV and I see the lights flash against his eyes.


5 Responses to Through the Flowers

  1. E says:

    Even the characters in your story mock the plot and think it’s a bad idea! That’s when you know it’s bad writing…

  2. The Rebuker says:

    Marriage is stupid. I mean, being married in itself isn’t stupid unless one or both parties are going about it stupidly, but the cultural importance we place on marriage is dumb. Women are expected to want marriage and men are expected to want to avoid it. And it’s such an arbitrary thing. Marriage doesn’t make anything any different that two people couldn’t make different without the benefit of a marriage ceritficate.

    I’m probably missing the point of your post but I hate it when they tack that “let’s get married” crap onto female characters in movies. Why not, let’s rob banks together. Or, let’s open a pedicure salon.

  3. firewings says:

    Caveat Lector: This comment has been sprinkled with humor and twinges of sarcasm.

    Lol. Are we bitter much? I think I’m definitely going to try the “Let’s open a pedicure salon” next time. I think that’ll go well.

    But you know what though, this leads me to the topic of another post I’m working on – why is it bad to want marriage? It’s like we were first feminised to believe that we shouldn’t want marriage and [Thank you progressive feminism for allowing me to vote, but I still don’t make as much as a man in my position; how’s about working on that?] then it became the ueber woman issue of kids/career and a side order of marriage…

    It’s like we get hosed if we suggest that hey, you know, marriage – sounds nice. You mow the lawn and I’ll turn on the dish washer and hopefully not shrink your good shirts.

    I mean, the career issues seems so nonexistent to me because I’m still in a state where I could reach out and grab that. Marriage is a not easy to procure and maybe something a tad more important than the balance in your bank account.

    Unless I get a link for Mail Order Russians, then procuring is only a catalog away.

    And yes, a marriage certificate doesn’t change anything for anyone anymore, eh? My question is: when did that happen…and is that really such a good thing? Is it doesn’t, what are homosexuals really fighting for?

  4. The Rebuker says:

    No, not bitter about marriage. I think it’s the way the “let’s get married” anecdote was framed in your post. Like, the person relating the movie scene to you had that eye-rolling “chicks sure know how to mess up a good moment” attitude. Or perhaps it was just the movie itself that had that attitude.

    I think it’s interesting also how we tend to frame things in a marriage-work dichotomy as if those are the only two things which people can aspire to or fail at. I guess at heart it’s a public life/private life dichotomy but I wonder if there aren’t more than those two options. Caffiene levels are low, so I’m not thinking of any right now.

  5. firewings says:

    I agree. I think it is the “chicks sure know how to mess up a good moment” attitude that grates a bit.

    And yes, there is much more – food, children, spirituality. …That food came first on that list probably speaks to my glucose levels.

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