Blogging Side Effects

I cannot write straight any more. Sometimes I feel that the blogging vernacular has crept into everything I write, even at work. I’m posting one of the sections I’ve written for the student handbook that myself and a co-worker have tasked ourselves to create.

Thusly it became: Quick, a blog post on Archival safety – DONE.


Be smart in our department. We have large boxes placed on large shelving that if not handled correctly, could come crashing down on you. This is bad for the documents. Oh, and also YOU.

1. Please be careful with the boxes. All jokes aside, rather let things fall on the floor when they’re too heavy and you lose your grip. Better the floor, than your head. Also, never be afraid to ask for help with lifting. Everyone knows the drill: lift with your knees, hold the box close to your body, rather than bending over and picking it up with your back.

2. There may be critters. We don’t usually see a lot of them here – a dead cockroach here, a live one there. We unfortunately have to look out for mice droppings since we do get shipments in that were not housed very nicely. New Mexico does deal with the Hantavirus (quite unpleasant) which is transmitted by things like mouse droppings. This looks like small, dark brown rice. Don’t touch it! Tell your supervisor.

3. Do not sniff the mold, but in all honesty, smell is the best weapon you have against mold if you do run into some. If the smell seems off, rank or overpoweringly musty, or if the paper is discolored, fuzzy, or even waving back at you, put it down and let your supervisor know. You might also get some off-gassing from some old plastic binders. Off-gassing means that the chemicals of a plastic degrade over time and start decomposing. Usually the material will be sticky to the touch as well. Again, just let your supervisor know.

Or maybe it’s that I’ve decided to make a stand against corporate writing with my genuine voice. That seems like a much more positive spin than the thought of my mind being consumed by the blogging.


4 Responses to Blogging Side Effects

  1. Derek says:

    4. Be aware that the fire alarms and sprinkler systems are in fact signals that tell you when it is safe to light your own clothes on fire. By waiting until the designated time, you get your fix and avoid actually immolation. There is no assigned fire-time for any document.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hilarious! Very well done! Good advice, actually!

    And, yes, here’s to relishing in our authentic voices.

    If not you, then who?

    If not now, then when?

    Keep on writing from your true self.

  3. thebutton says:

    Love it, especially the mold waving back! hehe.

  4. The Rebuker says:

    I had no idea archivists led such dangerous professional lives. Hantavirus, heavy objects slamming into your skull, mold sniffing! How very romantic/revolting.

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