Diversionary Tactics – Photo Blog Version

In an effort to make it up to me and especially after hearing about my Wednesday, my Mom was determined to come visit me this weekend. She’s now heckling me in person about NaBloPoMo like she used to over the phone in my college days when she’d hear about my Sunday procrastination slacking, “You have to do your NaBlo..Blo… blogging.”

Friday will be discussed and shown after the jump due to my Mom being squeamish about snakes. Yesterday, however, I took my Mom to her very first Renaissance Faire. The picture doesn’t show it, but she was quite stoked to be out and about and impressed by the amount of people, booths, and walking. She just hates her picture being taken.

Mom and I

I just ignore the wishes of others in favor of documenting my life.

Forgive me; I let the batteries in my camera die and when I revived it the auto white balance was turned off and only tonight was I able to remember where my settings were on my camera, and thus, my pictures have this strange blue tint to them.


Chocolate always helps takes the sting out of life.

*claps hands* Back to Friday. My coworker and I executed a smashingly good Halloween party at work for our students. After hyping it up, one of the students was disappointed by me not wearing my Medusa outfit to work. Something sank in my stomach, but I told her that I was making an appearance as a Responsible Adult.

“I had to be over to purchase the dry ice for today,” I told her. Note: dry ice is excellent, wholesome fun. Note 2: Buy more dry ice even when you think you have enough. Note 3: Then buy more!

Better than my Clash of Titans appearance.

Better than my Clash of Titans appearance.

I had been dreaming up a Medusa costume for the last couple of months. I toyed the idea but it didn’t come together until J came back from a night out on the town and tossed a bag of plastic snakes my way. I then remembered a silk, serpentine, junk-in-trunk highlighting green paisley dress and dug out my very old raver makeup. Voila! Medusa a la Peach!

I almost didn’t dress up at all this Halloween, but made a split minute decision that there might be a balance between adult convictions and adult fun that may not be accurately reflected around me. Sometimes, maybe you do just have to listen to yourself and risk turning people to stone. Voila! Cliche and mythological reference!


3 Responses to Diversionary Tactics – Photo Blog Version

  1. thebutton says:

    Can I have those chocolate covered strawberries? Num!

    Oh excuse number two as to why I will not be doing NaBloPoMo: Vacation…gone for one week in November!

  2. The Rebuker says:

    Yes, the dry ice made that apple juice absolutely zing! And the meatballs! And those peanut butter chocolate things! And why the hell don’t you have a picture of the cupcakes you so lovingly (and skillfully) decorated?

  3. eatsbugs says:

    I spent my Halloween at a football game, then went to a party where the hostess was dressed in a giant inflatable penis. And I didn’t get drunk. Something is really wrong here.

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