Sage is when the Hippies get Spiritual

Taken from Margaret Mason’s book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, No. 5, “Be a Sage”: Do you know a great advice giver? What opinions have people offered that stuck with you?

For the last two weeks I’ve been getting plenty of advice. They have been of the dire kind:

“Just know that I will be very angry if you end up with him. Really.” – D, via IM.
“Do not ruin your life.” – My Mother, via IM.
“You should be doing this when you’re happy and not like this.” – J, pointing to an empty bottle of wine.
“Just making sure you’re doing positive things…and not bad things.” – R, via a quick voicemail.

The best advice for the current situation is from E. After talking me down from the erratically typed Whhhhhhys, he mentioned that I should at least know the road ahead to take in getting over this time because I’ve been down it before. Full of Taurean stubbornness I said, yes, of course, about two years of sporadic night crying. As exasperated as one can portray via IM, he said, “Well, how about you just reuse those tears if you’ve already cried them?”

Taken aback, I conceded and slowly typed, “That’s …smart.”

[Besides, it’s very eco friendly. How very green of you, E.]

So far, the best practical life advice I’ve gotten, and I always come back to when I’m asked about a specific nugget, is one that my Dad liked to trot out. I think this applies to quite a lot if you take a minute to dissect it. He’d look at me wryly and say, “Don’t cook bacon naked.”

Dual post topic with E.


2 Responses to Sage is when the Hippies get Spiritual

  1. Saving the planet one poor soul at a time. I’m like Caine in Kung Fu or something. 😛

  2. thebutton says:

    Sorry that you’re going through another rough patch. Toss away the fishing rod for a while and just be you for you.

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