Rolling Up The Sleeves

I’m finishing my online application to a program to teach English in Japan tonight. I begin the awkward process of chasing down my letters of references tomorrow. I need fancy paper for my resume. There is a Public Service Career Fair on Tuesday and I’m going to wear the dry-cleaned slacks that I wore in San Francisco.

It’s that line that makes me feel like there is so much more out there. I have no need to stay here any longer and something in my soul is calling for something much different than what I’m doing now.

Perhaps it’ll aid, or rather, help in me resuscitating my writing.


5 Responses to Rolling Up The Sleeves

  1. The Rebuker says:

    Go. The world waits for people like you who want to experience it for itself.

  2. David Baird says:

    Are you going with JET, AEON/Amity, Interac, or some other program? I’ll be wishing good luck for you.

  3. K says:

    I think every woman I’ve ever dated has, or had the mindset of teaching english in a foreign land.

    You sure we haven’t dated?

  4. firewings says:

    Pretty sure we haven’t. But there was some fuzzy times in high school…oh wait, you were entirely not nerdy enough for me, that’s a nope. ^_^

  5. thebutton says:

    I have a friend of mine from HS (from when I lived in the dreaded state of KS) who teaches English in Japan. Hope ya get it! 🙂

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