Mental Yammering

Am I the only one that reads and thinks along as if you were having a conversation with the writer?

From reading an article from the Today Show website titled, “Just dating him in the meantime? Don’t!“:

I hear it all the time: “I’m just dating him in the meantime.”

I believe I called it killing time. *cough*

It reminds me of something Pablo Picasso said to aspiring artists: “Never take a part-time job because it will become your full-time life.”

Wasn’t Picasso a rather poor role model for relationships?

Dating “in the meantime” is based on the belief that time is infinite. But in reality, “in the meantime” is wasted time, which means missed opportunities. […]Well, someday just arrived. Someday is right now; it’s realizing that you’ve possibly lowered your standards and settled into a pattern of diminished expectations.

Someday is now! Yeeeeah! *lackluster fist pump* But Article, I’ve been told about my standards, now you too? You don’t know me.

Are you afraid of you?

…No? Should I be? Should I worry that I am? Am I? Oh heavenstoBetsymaybeIjustdon’t…

Wait. Just. A. Tick. There you go with your reverse psychological mambo jumbo. I like me and I don’t have to convince you…but I saw what you did and I appreciate your effort.


From Pajiba’s “Paheeba’s Guide to Getting You Laid“, a guide for men to give archetypes to women:

Species: The emotional ugly duckling.

Due to her shy and retreating habits, and the fact that showier members of her kind often surround her, she’s often hard to spot in bars and at parties. Look for the quietly cute (and typically bespectacled) girl over there in the corner — way over there behind the ficus, sending furtive glances and wry smiles your way. Yeah, that’s her.

Approach this one softly, with a drink in hand and a preferably unpolished, even downright lame joke. She may at first seem surprised that you’re talking to her, but if she responds with an easy laugh and an equally goofy line, you are in, my friend. For putting in the effort to make this girl feel noticed, and showing a genuine appreciation for her in all her dorky glory, you will have the pleasure of knowing the sly sex kitten that lurks beneath.

…Do they know me? More importantly, are they watching me NOW?


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