Sometimes I just need: to take stock of the breaths I take.
Sometimes I want: to scream the soul out of my body.

Sometimes I like to: eat nice breakfast burrito.
Sometimes all it takes: is to leave me alone yet just offer advice I most likely will not take.

Sometimes I picture: the future.
Sometimes I wish: the present wouldn’t seem so static and yet paradoxically unstable.

Sometimes I find: glimpses of myself.

Sometimes I take: the last cookie.
Sometimes I look: at things at a whole different level than others.

Sometimes I hate: the fact that I have l loved in a void.
Sometimes it’s nice: to be tagged by the cat who reminds me to be playful.

Sometimes it hurts: to know that I love someone that doesn’t love me.
Sometimes it makes me happy: to find words that work.

Sometimes it’s sad: that I haven’t gotten to the stage where I don’t blame myself for wasting time.

Sometimes I listen: to J play video games and am comforted.
Sometimes I sleep: next to J as he plays video games because it is that comfortable.

Sometimes I like to watch: how people express themselves with their hands.

Sometimes I feel: a little like kicking my feet against the dirt.
Sometimes I rant: needlessly.

Sometimes I never: connect.
Sometimes I really: want to.

Found at The Suburban Gypsy.


One Response to Sometimes

  1. thebutton says:

    I’m gonna have to borrow that sometime.

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