Car Psychic. Is there a need for that?

The texts between J and I went something like this:

J: Hey guess what’s sitting at the muffler shop on our street?
Me, spinning in my chair at work: Oh, a DeLorean?
J: Oh damn, I didn’t think you had seen it yet.
J: You just guessed that? You didn’t see it?!

I convinced, er, ahem, drug J over the half a block after I got off work. Specifically, drug him over as my cameraman.

Take 1

The grizzled old mechanic, with a cigarette hanging from his lips, rolled his eyes and told me to open the door for the full effort. Don’t have to tell me twice.

Take 2

I still giggle, and sometimes whisper in hushed tones, when I drive by it, especially aided in the last week when they’ve kept it on the outdoor lift, like a trophy to my lame obsession.


4 Responses to Car Psychic. Is there a need for that?

  1. Derek says:

    She really does this: We drove by it, she giggled and said “DeLorean!” Every time. For three days.

  2. It is unknown whether or not Matt Lauer, cyborg from the year 2078, used a DeLorean to travel back through time. It is possible.

  3. thebutton says:

    That car is smexy!

  4. themayor says:

    Coolest. Car. Ever.

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