Not nearly enough

After five years of archival experience, I was in a room with the development officer and the man from the company who was persona non grata. Only last week did it slip in the last meeting before the department head left for vacation that I’d be handling a meeting for someone who was restricted access to a collection we had.

I sat in the cramped room full of cast-off teal chairs with a holdover from the seventies who really was a researcher that want to know how to be an archivist.Thats how its done in America bitches.

What gets my goat, and my goat is more spry lately, is that I don’t get paid, nor recognized for the profession’s work I do, yet here I am, refocusing this man’s excitement about sub-woofers into archival procedure. FOCUS PEOPLE.

Priorities in a project. Audience being addressed. Why am I telling a 50 year old man, a many decaded engineer, how to manage a project at the very basic level? This is not rocket science people. It is figuring out an audience for PAPER. Google can educate you in this.

And I wasted makeup on this.


One Response to Not nearly enough

  1. thebutton says:

    Sounds as thrilling as my weekly meetings of 20 or so people doing round robin with their daily planners. If it wasn’t for the $25 to sit there an hour, I’d much rather be somewhere else for that hour. 😛

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