And yet I manage to take photos. It sounded like we were at the ocean. The horns from the trucks called out in unison with the shifting of the traffic, as the flow of traffic did not let the trucks in line move past the lights. GS exhaled sharply and decided to jump ahead the line of the cars.

Of all the cutting differences between GS and I, the one I find the most amusing is his style of driving. It’s a very boyfriend modified version and I dare not speculate how he drives on his own, but I’ve told him that to an observer it’s very much a “25 percent pleasant smiles and 75 percent fuck you” surgical style of driving. It’s like being on a roller coaster and I rather love it, yelling “Weeeeeee” and clutching the door; because if I don’t stand out for other things in Mexico, the word “Weeeee” culminates the process to a shorthand.


4 Responses to Wee.

  1. PhDeath says:

    There’s something so thrilling about driving with someone who drives badly really well, if you can follow that sentence structure.

    I still thank this dude who rode me on the back of his motorcycle at 100+ MPH at night.

  2. aguyinachair says:

    I had forgotten other people could actually read the things I wrote! I suppose I guess I had gotten used to ranting into the vacuum of the internet.

    You didn’t happen to find me through reddit, did you?

    Regardless, thanks for saying hi.

    I decided we should be friends. I hope that’s ok.

    • firewings says:

      Well I’ve enjoyed reading your “rants” and they are some great prompts for thinking and writing in general. I didn’t find you through reddit (actually I found you randomly on Newest WordPress Posts on my dashboard), but I really love reddit. I’m a total lurker there though.

      Thanks for the link on your site; I’ll do the same. ^_^

      • aguyinachair says:

        Well you should totally make a reddit account. Lurking is fun, but karma whoring is where it’s at 😛

        I kept the same name from there to here, though my persona (for lack of a better word) is quite different. I hate that my blog turned into such a serious thing…I had started it for a class so I was stuck with the same tone…but now that it’s over maybe I can liven it up a little.

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