A Little Spring Cleaning

Motivated in part by suddenly realizing how close we were to moving an hour ahead in time, I decided that I actually needed to sit my butt down and configure a new look for my site. And look, that header, I did it by mah self!

In other blogging news – which also precipated a renewed focus on dusting off the cobwebs on this site – is that I have been picked to be a volunteer at BlogHer 2010 in August. I'm going

This means I get the registration for the conference for free and get to mingle with a whole crowd of Real Life Bloggers. Last time I went, I was a total groupie.

And where is it? New York City baaaby. YEEEEEEHAW.


4 Responses to A Little Spring Cleaning

  1. a lee says:

    blog: nicely done!
    blogher: nicely done!

  2. The Rebuker says:

    It’s lovely.
    Idea: You should think of a book that was a favorite when you were a kid and write down why you liked it. Then reread the book and reflect.

  3. Kesa says:

    I’m still so proud of you babe! I don’t know what you should write about.. but if you do work related rants, I’d love to read them and feel like a fly on the wall in your office. 🙂

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