Disjointed Friday Scribbles

1. Naming your portable drives something instantly recognizable like, HEY YOU, is invaluable.

2. I think stagnation is different than building a sense of self. Is it wrong to buy into the idea that, sometimes, making opportunities for yourself takes time and reflection about the direction you might want to head?

3. That said, I still cringe when I have to call myself a librarian. Even though finding someone a obscure piece of information for visibly grateful people is nice, it’s the intangibility and lack of connection to the subject of the job that irks me. I had an exchange not too long ago where a student gushed about how much she liked looking at how buildings on campus had changed over the years. I followed her enthusiasm to that point, but then her glow led into minutia and I felt a glaze come over my interest that must have appeared on my face. She hesitated and asked, “Doesn’t this fascinate you?” “To an extent.” More forcefully, “But, you work here. You must really like history.” I peered up at her and doled out a session of awkward silence.

4. I really want to try ordering my daily burrito in Spanish but I’m too damn chicken, *ahem* gallina, because there are fierce, focused, and mean-looking Latina women that would chew me up, spit me out, and serve me with a side of frijoles. Maybe someday…when I’m feeling a touch Teutonicly balanced enough for that sort of showdown.

7. Sometimes I take my iPod and go dance in the Archive’s stacks for a few minutes if a good song comes on. It has to be a gentle sway that can be converted to a weaving movement to appear as if you’re just enthusiastically looking for a specific box. I have mastered this art. I admittedly have also mastered the art of not caring terribly if I get caught dancing.

8. Dancing alone in the elevator is foolproof however.


4 Responses to Disjointed Friday Scribbles

  1. Kesa says:

    hehe, I get caught dancing, or lipsyncing, and I always get embarrassed. When you find a way to get beyond the self-conscious, let me know so I can learn from your wisdom. 🙂

  2. Jessi says:

    Number 2 makes me sad, but I can totally relate to 7 and 8. Heck, sometimes half the fun is knowing that someone may step around the corner and catch you.

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