Why the hell not.

I realized the other day, as I was attempting to move an e-mail from GS, that I had a conundrum. At some point, I will need to figure out another e-mail organizational structure. In a few months, he will no longer fit into the Friends category. And while I have a Family category… he’s not my Mom, nor my aunt. However, I thought, ‘We’re going to make a new family’. Then I thought, ‘But, a family of two is not really…or it is?’. So should I call it Family 2.0? Coupledom? Or, should I call it EndofYouth to be fatalistic like GS? Perhaps a learning tool with NewLastNameDoesNotIncludetheLetterQ?

Then a, hopefully unused, part of my brain exploded.

I was sufficiently disturbed enough to just quickly move his e-mail into Friends and resolve to think about this at another time. Which, at this point has been pretty much par for the course for most of the experience. GS and I are facing similar ideas that struck us during the first weekend after The Question with both of us sitting at a table next to each other and muttering, “Oh, maaan.” Then we had beers.

It has led to probably the most drama we’ve had as a couple, rocketing everything from the happily mundane, “Movie?” “Yes! And a hotdog!”, to “But what does it MEAN!” and comments that allude to how I should have been doing more thinking about weddings since I’m a girl.

I got a wedding Barbie when I was little. It was some sort of special edition Barbie that my Dad’s step-mom got me. She gravely told me, my Mom agreeing, how I shouldn’t really play with it and that it should be kept on its stand. I would eye it on the stand. It had very pretty hair. Given that I was about seven, it was off that stand, white dress tossed aside, a few weeks later. This clone was never to fulfill its factory dream of a walk down an aisle with teddy bear guests. I think this says a lot about my wedding visions and details with which I am, even early in the game, almost overwhelmed by. [I do, however, have a theory that women are beasts of detail and that when given a scenario that when told to perfect a situation are naturally overloaded with OMG!!11!!]

Did you know what a Bateau neckline was? No, neither did I. Pero, I keep swimming and thinking, yes, this will be useful when I go mano-a-mano with Levar Burton on Jeopardy someday.


6 Responses to Why the hell not.

  1. strangerandstranger says:

    You could make a GS catagory. That will solve your dilema.
    Family is family. Mom, Oma and the rest of them are all going to be your family. They just move from immediate to extended. NO matter what drama comes up you will always love him he will always love you, that is what makes you family.

  2. TheRebuker says:

    Bateau necklines are very flattering on ladies with broad shoulders and long necks. Duh.

    Per Barbie, she’d throw the kind of wedding she’d still be paying off long after the relationship fizzled into Banquet-frozen-dinner-in-front-of-the-TV-and-indifferent-no-eye-contact-sex territory.

  3. Monique says:

    OMG Wedding barbie ruined me! lol. because of her i have a horrible and unrealistic idea that fairy tales coem true. IM 26 and single and very much becoming hte woman who talks toher dog like its a baby…
    thanks barbie.
    love your writing style!

  4. Me says:

    Two people are a family. For a few years it was just the hubs and I in our “new family”.

    If you need help with the wedding stuff, let me know. Orientaltrading.com has some good/cheap stuff for decorations and such.

  5. Lisa says:


    Just checking in after a long absence.

    Great wedding news!!


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