Carrying a Torch

“I look like the statue of Liberty,” I said and shuffled around in the dress. The sales girl exhaled a touch less forceful to qualify as an actual sigh – very professional of her. “I think her …” and she pointed to her head, “is a bit more pointy.”

“And she has a tablet and torch,” I agreed. I raised one halfheartedly arm with a fake torch and mimicked grabbing a stack of books and resting them on my hip. “Much better!” I exclaimed and K shook her head behind me.

I think I actually snuck onto the wrong tour in the Hudson Harbor. I had purchased my tickets online, gotten to the pier thirty minutes before time to be told that a two and a half hour tour was sold out until three. That would not work. I was offered the 75 minute tour in an hour and a half and I took it.

I walked slowly to the other side of the pier, in front of the other ticket booth and the entrance toward the boats, debating lunch. “Plenty of room for the 75 minute tour now,” was a holler in the air. With my best desert tourist puppy-dog face, I asked if my ticket would be okay…and was quickly shooed on-board with a whole host of other Chinese tourists.

All bridesmaids shall be in a fetching shade of Copper Green.
And in polyester.

Alright, it wasn’t just Chinese tourists. There was a group of older gals from a cancer survivor group from Oklahoma and a well-preened local couple, who proceeded to yell at each other for not getting the shots of the statue right, the shots of each other right, the shots of THAT DAMN PIER OVER THERE right.

Ah, l’amour.


2 Responses to Carrying a Torch

  1. TheRebuker says:

    Well, how will people know that they’re a happy couple if they can’t get the goddamn photos right?

  2. DrSnarky says:

    Subconsciously, brides seem to always want their bridesmaids to dress in (ahem) unusual colors.

    Although I had a friend who said the bride outright told her that she dressed the bridesmaids in a “rainbow” of colors so that none of them would look better than her.

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