Are you crazy? 

Yes, mostly.


Why are you blogging?

Because graduate school is beneath me really. That, and if I can’t bare my booty for money, I should work my way up by baring my soul for the amusement of others.


Are you single?

Who’s asking?


Okay, I’m confused, are you firewings or Ms. F-Wings?

I’m firewings, the one who tends to comment a lot. [Sometimes I even comment first on my blogs and still say that is not a blogging sin!] I strike fear into the hearts of men, so I get called Ms. F-Wings sometimes too. 


Does postmodernism concern itself with the ideological model of literacy?

You know, I could just summon up a Kerouac quote and call it a day… but that too is beneath me.


Are you a cat lady?

Not yet. Currently, I’m too young and plucky for that. Give me ten years.


Wallet or purse?

Wallet. Duct tape.


What’s your favorite book, you English grad you?

That would probably be Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.


Flowers or chocolate?



Have you given up all hope yet?

No, I haven’t.


Why not?

I really don’t know. Probably because of the chocolate.


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