Do not feed the Amateur Philosophers

I’m currently on lunch from a seminar on basic literacy education. It’s a program that the county does to teach potential community volunteers for literacy outreach. It’s spanned over two Saturdays and this could be entirely condensed into a four hour session. I get a certification for this (woo?), but I feel a bit like I’m detention.

I promise never to have altruistic thoughts ever again! I promise to never to have altruistic thoughts ever again! I promise to never… 

[I never actually have been in detention. Hmm.]

In order to better relate to our students, our instructor handed out a passage from a graduate text book. Essentially, it was about truth vs. lie (a book for linguistics to better understand formal logic), but written in such dense, typical grad lingo, that everyone shook their heads. One woman said, “This isn’t really saying anything.”

Yep, some authors like to write so that they can show they’re so literate that they form mazes for their readers. A little against the idea of conveying meaning…but that is a whole other can of worms.

[Not that I do that. *cough*]

Of course we had one girl who needed to impress others with her verbosity. She tossed her curly hair and stated, “Now when talking about truth functionally…”, and lured in the instructor. They have at it until I leaned my head onto the table with a thump, where then the instructor comes out of her philosophical stupor and shakes her frazzled hair. 

“This doesn’t matter!” she screeched.

And this is why you don’t feed the budding philosophers.


5 Responses to Do not feed the Amateur Philosophers

  1. eatsbugs says:

    Though in their defense, I hear they can live solely on a diet of green tea and organic pita sandwiches. And they require little actual water. Perhaps just a spray in the face every so often.

  2. firewings says:

    Or a lead boot of practicality.

  3. The Rebuker says:

    Just don’t get them stoned after midnight or they multiply.

  4. theMayor says:

    Hehe. My vocabulary has increased ten fold since I’ve come here, of course, all thanks to you 😉 *coughs* ok, so partially thanks to google’s define:*insert huge word here*.

  5. KalliePigeon says:

    Give them a light snack. Tops.

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